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David Woodside
David Woodside Director of Photography
Toronto, Canada 416.553.3356
Dave Woodside's Commercial Reel
Nescafe "Instant Iced Coffee"
nescafe cover_2.1.1.jpg
Mr. Sub "Prime Rib NBA" Spot
KFC "Maple Bacon Poutine" Commercial
McDonald's "Blue Tongues" Spot
Swiss Chalet "Fish & Chips" Commercial
Dave Woodside's Narrative Film Reel
Harriet Chung "Dreams"
"Remembering You" trailer
Dave Woodside's Documentary Reel
doc demo title card NR_4.1_edited.jpg
A list of Dave Woodside's Film and Documentary,  Camera, Lighting, and Sound Equipment
david woodside
I've been doing this for 20 yrs - a bit more about what I've done, and what I'm all about.
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