Dave Woodside's Narrative Film Reel
"Dave's professionalism was always reflected in his beautiful cinematography. For myself, cast and crew, it was truly a treasure to work with him."
Gregory Terlecki - Award Winning writer, and the Director & Writer of "The Devil's Tail"
"At times I thought Dave was reading my mind with his suggestions. The look was better than I could have imagined! Egbert would be ink jet print in a filing cabinet instead of a living breathing, whacky real man child if it wasn’t for Dave - I’m deeply indebted on so many levels."
Julian Wierzbicki - Writer, Director, and Editor  of "The Emancipation of Egbert"
The Devil's Tail - short film (2020 release)
Remembering You - short (spring 2021 release)
"I'm so lucky I found Dave Woodside. The film wouldn’t have happened without him. Putting him up for a cinematography award was the least I could do."

Vera C. - Director, Writer & Producer of "Remembering You"
Antihero - feature film (summer 2021 release)
"We have a great-looking feature film, and Dave did that.  He had great ideas for the look of this film, and pulled out all the stops to achieve our vision.  I want him on my next film too!"
Ryan M. Andrews - Feature Filmmaker,
and Director & Writer of Antihero
Happy Place - short (summer 2021 release)
The Emancipation of Egbert - short (fall 2021 release)
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