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Dave Woodside's Narrative Film Reel
"Dave's professionalism was always reflected in his beautiful cinematography. For myself, cast and crew, it was truly a treasure to work with him."
Gregory Terlecki - Award Winning writer, and the Director & Writer of "The Devil's Tail"
"At times I thought Dave was reading my mind with his suggestions. The look was better than I could have imagined! Egbert would be ink jet print in a filing cabinet instead of a living breathing, whacky real man child if it wasn’t for Dave - I’m deeply indebted on so many levels."
Julian Wierzbicki - Writer, Director, and Editor  of "The Emancipation of Egbert"
A audience favourite from award winning writer/director Ryan M. Andrews. This is a dark short film with a twist.  
"I'm so lucky I found Dave Woodside. The film wouldn’t have happened without him. Putting him up for a cinematography award was the least I could do."
Vera C. - Director, Writer & Producer of "Remembering You"
"The great Sebastian Hirtenstein choreographed an interpretive dance for this video that had Harriet gliding quickly all over a massive warehouse. Dave figured out a way to track her around the space while keeping her bathed in soft, flattering light.  And the way Dave brought the "Fire" theme to life in the performance setup is breathtaking."
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Theresa Kowall-Shipp - Director of "Dreams"
Rome Movie Awards-2022-dreams-cinematography.jpg
Winner at the Athens Film Festival in the"Best Art Film" category, Regale springs straight out of the imagination of director Deepi Ahluwalia and onto the screen! This art film is fun, whimsical, and beautiful all at the same time - a rich, full-throated sensory experience. 
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"We have a great-looking feature film, and Dave did that.  He had great ideas for the look of this film, and pulled out all the stops to achieve our vision.  I want him on my next film too!"
Ryan M. Andrews - Feature Filmmaker, and Director & Writer of  Antihero
Photographed at night on dark, empty, country roads, this horror short featured lots of car mount shots and very low light cinematography - including a pivotal scene lit only with a match! An award winning debut film by writer/director/actor Anthony Tullo