I'm an award winning Toronto based director of photography with 20 yrs. of experience telling stories with a camera.  Creative, thoughtful, efficient and quick, I've been able to bring my insight and aesthetic to hundreds of films, TV series, commercials, documentaries and corporate films.  My first goal in every production is to help you  achieve your vision, and to ensure that the visuals I capture have the maximum possible impact on your audience.   

I began my professional career as a director of photography in unscripted TV, and I've shot dozens of shows seen by millions of people all over the world.  This includes the award winning global food documentary Confucius Was A Foodie (11 million viewers per episode on PBS alone), and well-know franchises like The Amazing Race, Top Chef, and Big Brother, as well as niche documentaries like A Perfect Cure and Manifest: Power of Thought.  Having risen to the top of the field in documentary cinematography, I recently decided to focus on scripted production.  In the past few years, I've shot commercials and branded content for Swiss Chalet, Nike, KFC, Nokia, McDonald's, John Frieda, Mr Sub, Shoppers Drugmart, L'Oreal, Cuba Tourism and more.  Bringing creative concepts to life and presenting experiences and products in the most flattering and evocative way possible is both exciting and fulfilling.  I've also recently had the great pleasure of flexing my longer-form story telling muscles by shooting a handful narrative films.  In the fall of 2019 I shot 5 films - a feature (The Glorification of the AntiHero) and 4 short (The Devil's Tail, The Test, Happy Place, and The Emancipation of Egbert).  I love the energy, creativity and commitment of the film community, and can't wait to shoot some more films in the coming year!


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