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David Woodside


Dave Woodside is an award-winning Director of Photography with 20 years of experience shooting documentaries, commercials, narrative films, and television shows worldwide.  He is known for his intuitive vision, cinematic style, and passion for creating arresting visuals. His award-winning productions are seen by tens of millions of viewers around the globe.
Dave is inspired by creative collaboration. He believes sincerely that every project, big or small, is one of a kind, and every show deserves its own unique visual style that engages the viewer, and draws them in.  He has successfully brought this approach to countless docs including the globe spanning PBS hit "Confucius Was a Foodie" (11 million viewers per episode non PBS alone), to films like the multiple festival winner “The Devil’s Tail”, and to commercials and branded content for McDonald’s, KFC, Swiss Chalet, L’Oreal, Nike, Nokia, John Frieda, Mr Sub, Shoppers Drugmart, Cuba Tourism, and more. Dave's first goal in every production is to help you achieve your vision, and to ensure that the visuals he captures have the maximum impact on your audience.   

Dave began his professional career as a director of photography in unscripted TV, and he's shot dozens of shows seen by millions of people all over the world.  These include popular hits like the award winning global food documentary Confucius Was A Foodie, and well-know franchises like The Amazing Race, Top Chef, and Big Brother, as well as niche documentaries like A Perfect Cure and Manifest: Power of Thought.  Having risen to the top of the field in documentary cinematography, Dave decided to expand into scripted production.  In the past few years, he's shot commercials and branded content for Nescafe, Swiss Chalet, Nike, KFC, Nokia, McDonald's, John Frieda, Mr. Sub, Shoppers Drugmart, L'Oréal, Cuba Tourism, Pepperidge Farm and more.  Dave finds that bringing creative concepts to life, and presenting experiences and products in the most flattering and evocative way possible, is both exciting and fulfilling.  

He has also enjoyed shooting a number of narrative films including the multiple festival winners The Devil's Tail, "Repent", and "Remembering You" for which he won a Canadian Cinematography Awards. Dave loves the energy, creativity and commitment of the film community. 

Dave also thrives on the unrestrained creativity of music videos, and won a Canadian 
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