Equipment List

As long as we've got the right tools on hand for your particular shoot I don't mind if it comes from the rental house or from my own kit. 
If we decide the best way to go is to use my gear, I've got a Red GEMINI, a full set of Canon Cine Primes, and a lot of other great tools that can make your project sing in the edit suite.

Camera Department



Ronin RS 2 gimbal stabiliser
CANON CINE PRIMES 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm

Shape 2 stage production matte box

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom light weight matte box

Formatt Hitech Firecrest ND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.8 

Ronin 2 gimbal stabiliser

Ready rig with Pro Arms

Tilta Nucleus M two motor wireless FIZ system

Teradeck Bolt 500 wireless video TX/RX

17" Flanders Scientific monitor

Dana Dolly

Hollywood microdolly with straight and curved track

Sachtler Video 18 tripod system


Sachtler Ace tripod system

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS macro lens
15mm f/2.8 prime lens
canon 16-35L f/2.8 zoom
canon 70-200L f/2.8 IS zoom
canon 24-105L f/4.0 IS zoom
Kessler 48" Cineslider
Kessler Second Shooter motion control system
7" monitor/4K recorder atomos shogun flame
7" wireless director's monitor
Black Magic Camera assist 5" HD monitor/recorder

Assorted additional HD monitors

HD Quad splitter

Livestream video converter (SDI & HDMI)

Petroff 4x5 3 stage matte box
13 filters mostly Schneider
hi hat



6 40" C-stands with grip arms

2 20" C-stands with grip arms

1 4x4 Floppy

1 4x4 gel frame
1 Matthews minigrip kit
2 18x24 flags
1 magic arm
1 gaffer grip

6 cardellini clamps
1 super clamp
10 mafer clamps
4 ceiling scissor clamps
1 lowel tota clamp
1 lowel grip
4 6’ vacuum cup with 5/8’ spud
12 grip heads
1 manfrotto baby floor stand
3 12” baby wall plates
4 6” baby wall plates
4 3” baby wall plates
2 bar clamps with baby bar clamp adapter

2 junior to baby adapter pins
1 6x6 frame w/ silk and 1/4 silent grid cloth
1 42” white/silver flexfill
1 42” diffusion flexfill
10 small pony clamps

18 medium pony clamps

4 large pony clamp
1 tape measure
4 cube taps
3 cheaters
3 light bulb socket adapters
4 power bars

8 650W dimmers
2 300W dimmers
4 25’ 14 gauge extension cords
1 15’ 12 gauge extension cord
2 50’ 12 gauge extension cord
2x 35lbs. sandbags

4x 20lbs sandbags
2x 10lbs. sandbags
Assorted duveteens, black fabric and black plastic 

Ellipsoidal Spot and Chimera


1 Aputure NOVA P300c RGBWW LED Panel

1 Aputure 300Dii w ellipsoidal spot and chimera

1 Aputure 300X w ellipsoidal spot and chimera

1 Aputure Spotlight

Fresnel lens and barndoors for Aputure lights

2 2x2 intellitech LED softlights
3 small LED hard lights
2 1200w HMI fresnel
1 1200/1800w HMI PAR
4 1x1 LED light
1 litepanels “mini” LED light
2 kinoflo divalite 400
1 kinoflo 4ft 4bank
1 kinoflo 2ft 4bank
1 kinoflo 4bank ballast (can only use only 1 4 bank at once )
2 kinoflo 4ft 2banks
2 kinoflo 2bank ballasts
1 200W Joker-bug AC/DC HMI w chimera
2 150W dedolight
2 source 4 jr. spotlights
3 lowel 500w rifa light with eggcrates 
2 lowel 250w rifa light with eggcrates
1 arri 1k open face w chimera
1 arri 650w fresnel
1 arri 300w fresnel
2 arri 150w fresnels
1 lowel 250w open face "prolight"

1 36"x 48" chimera
1 anton bauer ultralight 2 sungun with chimera

2 Matthews Digital Triple Riser Sky-Hi Stand

3 750 roller stands
14 kit stands
Matthews Mini Matth Boom
flexfill holder
1 long polecat
1 medium polecat
1 short polecat



1 Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Digital  Lavalier System 

1 Sennheiser G3 wireless  Lavalier System 

1 Sennheiser G2 wireless  Lavalier System 
1 wireless handheld mic
1 hardwire lav
​1 shotgun mic with boom
cables headphones etc.
Zoom external audio recorder