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Commercial Cinematographer in Toronto

Dave Woodside Commercial Cinematographer in Toronto

Great cinematography tells a story - it represents something and strikes an emotion within an audience. When you work with a professional commercial cinematographer, it allows your intention and story to be told through the lens. Since their job is multi-faceted, they have a variety of skills to make a shot look good, so that the audience can be drawn to the film. 


If you are looking for a professional commercial cinematographer in Toronto, contact David Woodside. David Woodside is a director of photography (DOP) that provides commercial filming services in Toronto. As a professional commercial cinematographer, he's a leader and collaborator for your production. Woodside is a skilled cinematographer with lighting knowledge who can lead the camera crew to make your vision come to life. He provides a variety of commercial filming services in Toronto and will collaborate with you to understand your production scope and determine equipment and staffing needs. He also assesses locations, develops a list of equipment needs for the entire production and works with other department leaders to ensure a smooth shoot. From conception to finish, David Woodside will provide the commercial filming services in Toronto to ensure that your film is a success. 


If you're searching for a commercial cinematographer in Toronto, you want to work with someone who will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. David Woodside is an award-winning cinematographer who is dedicated to just that. With over two decades of commercial filming services for TV series, commercials, documentaries, and corporate films, he provides cinematography that delights an audience. He's worked on such productions as The Amazing Race and Top Chef and shot commercials and branded content for Nike, KFC, Nokia, McDonald's, and L'Oreal, to name a few.


Take a look at Dave Woodside's commercial videography reel or get in touch to learn more about his commercial filming services in Toronto. 

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