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Director of Photography

Dave Woodside Director of Photography and Documentary Cinematographer in Toronto

A director of photography works with the director to create the overall look and mood in a narrative film, documentary, or commercial production, ensuring that every visual element is in place and presented in the best light possible. Your director of photography is in charge of the camera and the lighting crew to ensure the departments have all the equipment and crew needed to create a smooth production. They also work closely with the director to ensure that they understand the vision, so that they create the look, colour, lighting, and framing that you are looking for in each shot in your production. 


If you are in need of a director of photography in Toronto, check out David Woodside. Dave Woodside is an award-winning director of photography (DOP) and documentary cinematographer in Toronto with over two decades of experience as a visual storyteller. Woodside brings his insight and aesthetic to narrative films, TV series, commercials, documentaries and corporate films. He's worked on projects such as The Amazing Race, Top Chef, and Big Brother, and branded content for Nike, SKFC, McDonald's, John Frieda, and Cuba Tourism, and to name a few. When you work with our production company, you'll get creative, thoughtful, efficient and reliable commercial filming services. 


David Woodside's website is full of examples of his work as a director of photography and documentary cinematographer in Toronto, so that you can get an idea of his style. As a director of photography, his primary goal is to help you achieve your vision with visuals that delight your audience.


When you are in need of a director of photography or documentary cinematographer in Toronto, you can be sure that David Woodside can produce the results that you are looking for.  


Are you ready to shoot? Do you need some help developing your concept? Get in touch to set up a consultation today.

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