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Videographer in Toronto

Are You Searching for a Fully Equipped Videographer in Toronto?

Are you searching for a fully equipped videographer in Toronto? If so, contact David Woodside, Director of Photographer. 


Working with a professional videographer is the best way to bring your ideas to life. They will have the knowledge and skills to capture images that inspire and delight your audience. A fully equipped videographer understands lighting, lensing, and cameras. They provide the equipment that brings out the best in your product. 


David Woodside is a videographer in Toronto that provides commercial filming services and more to your production. As a fully equipped videographer, he offers a complete range of video production equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting, and audio to produce professional, high-quality cinematography. From concept to completion, Woodside works with other department leaders to ensure a smooth shoot. 


Woodside is an award-winning videographer in Toronto, with over two decades of experience as a videographer for commercials, food and table-top shoots, television series, documentaries, and corporate films. He also has worked on many narrative assignments. As a fully equipped videographer, he always has the right tools on hand for your shoot. You can find a complete gear list on the website, which includes a Red GEMINI, a full set of Canon Cine Prime lenses, grip and lighting accessories, wireless lavs, a shotgun mic with a boom, Zoom external audio recorder, and more.


Are you searching for a videographer in Toronto with all the right tools and skills to tell your story? Then get in touch to discuss your project with David Woodside today.

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